Pooches & Pushups: Why Dogs Need To “Move It! Move It!”

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OK, so maybe a pushup is unrealistic. But, exercise is a vital part of any dog’s life — even the laxidasical snoozers that would have you believe otherwise. Dogs are simply happier and healthier when they have physical stimulation and exercise – just like people! And, if your pooch is home alone all day, it’s even more important to make sure they get plenty of time getting physical when you’re home.

Here’s what you need to know.

Choose Physical Activities Based On Breed And Temperament

We touched on this briefly in our last post, but it’s important to match your dog’s breed, size, and temperament with their physical activity. For example, your chihuahua isn’t likely to run a 5k with you, but they still need a healthy 30 minute walk daily to get out their energy.

If you’re trying to decide on a dog breed, the level of activity they require – and your availability – should be major factors. If you already have a dog and you’re finding it needs more physical stimulation and exercise than you’re able to provide, consider a dog daycare in your area!

On The Leash

For people living in apartments and neighborhoods, sometimes the only option for physical activity is walking your dog on the leash. And that’s fantastic!  Getting your pooch out into the neighborhood, letting them see and smell their surroundings (and other dogs!) is important for physical, mental, and social stimulation.

When possible, try to take new routes, check out different areas, and give your dog enough leash to feel like they’re exploring on their own.

Off The Leash

Dogs need to run FREE! These days, you don’t have to live on acreage to let your pups run wild. While opening the back door and letting your dogs run out in your fenced backyard is a great start, it’s possible to do more for your best friend. Many towns have created dedicated “dog parks” — often at your local favorite walking or kids’ park! As long as your dog is properly socialized, this is a great opportunity to let your dog go nuts with other dogs in a safe space. 

Your dog wants to move it – and it’s a great motivation to get yourself moving as well!

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