Manners, Please! How To Socialize Your Dog To Be Around People & Other Pups

How To Socialize Your Dog To Be Around People & Other Pups - Connecticut Dog Kennel

A dog in public behaving badly, barking or growling at other people or dogs, is right up there with a rude kid or tantruming toddler: people stare and judge, and parents feel embarrassed and helpless. But just like children, dogs can – and should – be taught to behave properly around others. Socialization is a key part of dog training, and should be practiced and reinforced daily.

Here are a few ways to socialize your dog to be around other people and pups.

  1. Take daily walks – The simple act of passing other people and dogs and stopping to chat with neighbors gets your dog used to being around others. When they are only let out to roam their own backyard, they do not get this important time to socialize.
  2. Go to a dog park – Generally, people who frequent dog parks have well-behaved dogs. There are exceptions, of course, but it’s a good place to start. With puppies and young dogs, start slow and stay outside the fence, letting them observe other dogs. When your dog moves closer to the fence and seems eager to join in, let them!
  3. Schedule a pup playdate – You read that right! Just as moms set up playdates with other children of the same age (and ideally temperament), dog-parents can schedule a little one-on-one time to help their pups find some new besties. offers some great tips for scheduling dog playdates here.
  4. Send them to dog daycare – If you are away from home a lot, consider sending Fido to dog daycare. Kennels that offer this service have behavior and vaccine requirements for dog attendees, and trained professionals on staff to help dogs interact with one another in a safe environment. New Inn Kennels, offering dog boarding, dog daycare and grooming in East Haddam, Connecticut, also provides “Board & Play” services for boarding dogs during their stay which allows dogs to socialize with one another for at least 2 hours per day.

Being confident that you can take your dog in public – to festivals, on hikes, to the dog park, even into the pet store! – requires training and practice. Follow these tips to practice socializing every day!

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