About Us

Ed and Debbie Voyer - Owner of New Inn Kennels & Dog Grooming - East Haddam, ConnecticutWe are Ed and Debbie Voyer and are the proud owners of New Inn Kennels. Our dream has always been to own a kennel as we knew we ultimately wanted to work for ourselves and serve dogs and cats. We worked toward this goal over a twelve-year period learning everything we could about the care of cats and dogs. While Ed took care of things on the home front, Debbie worked for a pet sitter on the weekends, went on to grooming school earning her Certificate of Dog Grooming, worked in various grooming shops and finally worked in a dog kennel for some hands-on experience. As retirement neared at our full-time private sector and government jobs, we began our search for the perfect kennel. We are so happy to have found this gem right here in Connecticut where our friends and family are. Our home is on the same property as the kennel, and our two adult children, Danielle and Jeremy, help us out at the kennel as often as their busy lives will allow. It is our intent to provide superb care to the dogs and cats entrusted to us and we very much look forward to meeting you and your beloved pets!


About New Inn Kennels

Located in a beautiful country setting, we take care of dogs and cats while their owners are out of town, getting work done on the home, or even having guests visiting who can’t be around the animals.  Our climate controlled boarding facility for dogs has 66 runs, most of which are 4’x18′.  Whether your dog likes on leash walks, playing with friends in the daycare setting, or one on one time with the staff, your dog can have a great experience at New Inn Kennels.  The separate cat room has 6 condos, each with two levels.

We offer full-service grooming to outside clients as well as to our boarding and daycare dogs. Whether you would like your dog to get the works or a simple freshening up after their stay with us, our highly-trained and experienced groomers have your covered. Our grooming salon offers full-service grooming ranging from breed cuts, shave downs, bath and trims, medicated baths, ear cleaning, and nail care. To ensure the best results for our dogs we have partnered with “Nature’s Specialties” brand shampoos and conditioners.  They provide various specialty products for your dog’s needs. Our groomer will be happy to recommend the right choice for you and your pooch.

For those who have dogs that like to play with other dogs, we have a super fun doggy daycare in a natural setting with rocks to climb, sandboxes, pools in the warm weather, and plenty of balls, rope toys, frisbees, and we play games for mental stimulation as well.

Each of the daycare attendants are certified in Knowing Dogs 101 and 201, an online and practical training program on both dog language and group play. These courses include much information such as:

  • The basics of understanding dog body language
  • Allow for successful human-to-dog & dog-to-dog greetings
  • Assess dog emotions
  • Moderate dog aggression
  • Reduce dog stress
  • Lead with authority
  • Safely manage dog play groups
  • So much more!


New Inn Kennels and the owner’s property were built in 1977 by a gentleman named Tom Neuin which is where the name New Inn Kennels came from.  The property was eventually sold to Sonny and Bunny Fusco.

Sunny and Bunny moved here from New Jersey and took New Inn Kennels to a whole new level in 1996 when they added a second building, the office, grooming room, and cat room.  Once they were ready to retire, they sold it to Ken and Judy Grohbrugge.

Ken and Judy Grohbrugge, who worked extremely hard upgrading the kennels as well as the service, cleanliness of the kennel buildings and care of the dogs.  The business grew tremendously during their tenure here as word got out what a clean, safe and happy environment was provided for the pets in their care.  Judy and Ken retired in 2017.

When Judy and Ken retired in 2017, we purchased this gem in the country. While we strive to continue to give the same superior care to all of the dogs and cats who stay with us, we have also taken it a step further by adding doggy daycare to our list of services.

Office Hours

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