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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I visit or inspect the kennel facility?

We welcome our clients to visit New Inn Kennels, LLC and encourage our new clients to do so. It helps to put your mind at ease to see the kennel before you board in order that you may familiarize yourself with our facility. We ask that your pet does not accompany you on the "walk through". We do suggest that if you plan on doing a "walk through" that you do so prior to your boarding reservation. The following are the times that "Kennel Walk-throughs" are conducted:

Monday - Friday: 10:30 am to 12:00 pm, 2:30 pm to 4:00 pm
Saturdays: 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Sundays & Holidays: NO WALK THROUGHS

We do not conduct any "walk-throughs" over peak boarding time periods. For example: Friday through Tuesday of Memorial Day weekend. We would like to spend as much time with you as possible to answer any questions that you might have. During peak kennel times, it is difficult for us to spend the time with you. Also, boarding dogs can find it disrupting to see "strangers" walking through. No "walk throughs" will be conducted on the day your pet checks-in. Studies have shown that it is much easier for your pet to be escorted to his respective boarding areas by the kennel staff rather than a "tearful goodbye" from his owner inside the kennel area that may be upsetting to your pet as well as other boarded pets.

What do I need to bring to the kennel while my pet is being boarded?

New Inn Kennels, LLC provides everything necessary for your pet's stay with us; such as bowls and buckets for food and water and blankets for sleeping. We feed a well balanced dry food diet for both dogs and cats. If your dog or cat is on a Vet prescribed diet, has a sensitive stomach or tends to stress, we recommend you bring your own pet food.

Pet bedding is allowed, provided it is of reasonable size and is of washable material. Toys, bones, chewies, etc. are encouraged as well. Items with the "scent of home" such as old shirts, towels or blankets are permitted.

How far in advance do I need to reserve kennel space for my pet?

One (1) weeks notice is usually plenty of time to make a kennel reservation. However, at peak holiday/vacation times, we suggest that you book as far in advance of your plans as possible. Generally, one (1) months notice is sufficient. Clients with multiple pets &/or pets with special needs (separation at feeding) need to allow more lead-in time for kennel booking.

Is there any age limit on boarding cats/kittens — dogs/puppies?

Generally, we have found that cats/dogs of all ages respond well in the kennel environment. It is usually a good idea to introduce cats/dogs to the idea of boarding at a young age so that the pet takes to the idea very routinely. Younger pets seem to enjoy the sights and sounds of seeing other pets. However, you know your pet's likes and dislikes best. If your pup or kittie does not respond well to strangers or dislikes being with other animals, they may experience a bit of adjustment time.

Doing a "trial run" boarding for an over-night does not always give them enough time to adjust to the kennel routine. A weekend visit at an off peak time may be in order if you are planning a longer stay in the future. New Inn Kennels, LLC does require that if you have a cat or dog that is 12 years of age or older, that you sign an Aged Pet Release Form. This form basically releases us from responsibility due to sickness or death of an older pet due to age related stress. Most healthy older pets do quite well in the company of other pets.

What happens if my pet becomes sick?

Should your pet become ill during his boarding stay, we will contact your veterinarian for any instructions and prior health history. Should we not be able to reach your vet, we contact Chester Vet Clinic or East Haddam Vet. Both of these facilities are on-call for New Inn Kennels, LLC.

If necessary, we will transport your pet to the Vet. If any medicine/treatment (within reason) needs to be administered, we will do so. We defer to the advice of the attending Vet. Should the pet's condition require hospitalization, the animal will be left with the Vet for treatment. We encourage you to leave an emergency telephone number with us so we will be able to notify you should a need arise. Any and all charges incurred for medication/treatment/transport that we deem necessary is the responsibility of the pet's owner or agent.

What to expect when your friend comes home

Most pets settle in quite well into a new environment. However, some will urinate frequently in their kennel either due to not being housebroken in a kennel, marking their territory or stress of a new environment. We do try very hard to keep your pet clean and smelling fresh. We suggest you may want a bath prior to pick up.

Some pets can get a bit stressed by the change in their routine, their environment and their diet. They may have a day or two of loose stools upon returning home. Feed a bland diet, i.e. plain yogurt, rice/bouillon. If loose stools persist, contact your vet.

Fresh water is available to your pet in the kennel at all times. Upon arriving home, he may appear to drink lots of water. This can be a stress-related act.

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